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    Trinidad Se-o2


    Emphasis was placed on enhancing the release of the dart in this new Type 2.
    A standard torpedo barrel with a fitting cut.
    Korea’s top player Seo Byung Su’s 2nd signature model.
    Improvements were made in the releasing of the dart while maintaining a fitting cut.
    The cuts at the main gripping area consists of thin ring cuts at the back, followed by 2 wide ring cuts, and alternating diagonal cuts. The key features are the 2 wide wing cuts that provide smooth transfer of energy onto the barrel and the alternating diagonal cut that allows for the energy to be dispersed symmetrically and straight towards the target.
    To allow the darts to travel straight, a simple yet an important concept was emphasized in developing this barrel.

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    Trinidad ROMAN


    Miyawaki Miyu Invented model Roman.
    Standard torpedo that can transmit force to the darts at a point and push out with a light force.

    Roman can fly comfortably by simply shaking his arm without using unnecessary power.
    The secret is in cutting the grip.
    A ring cut with a low height is placed in the center of the delta cut to make a large round cut,
    and each round cut
    plays a role of transmitting power to the darts by “dots” .
    By transmitting power to the darts at points, pushability is dramatically improved,
    and a sharp jump is realized by simply throwing lightly without putting unnecessary power .

    For the front cut, a tapering ring cut has a mesh-like cut to give it a gritty feel and follow the assisting finger moderately.

    The maximum diameter is 7.5 mm and the thickness is durable. It
    is designed so that it can be lifted lightly to give a heavier weight of 19g and to give a stretch.

    Precisely calculated cut arrangement to efficiently transmit power to darts.
    The barrel is packed with TRiNiDAD’s commitment.

    ■ Specifications
    Material: 90% Tungsten
    Weight: 19.0g
    Total length: 42.5mm
    Maximum diameter: 7.5mm
    Center of gravity: Semi rear

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    Trinidad PRO Python 2


    An old-style semi-long straight consisting only of shark cuts.

    The second American TRiNiDAD player James Hopkins model.
    A simple semi-long straight consisting of only 3 types of shark cuts with different widths.

    The rear grip part has a micro shark cut that is easy to remove and a shark cut with a standard width, and it has a good cut arrangement while firmly transmitting power to the darts.
    In addition, by adding a step to the joint with the shaft, you can feel the grip position with the feeling of a finger.

    With the widest shark cut in the front, it is a cut that firmly fixes the darts and stabilizes the grip even if the assisting finger touches lightly.

    On the contrary, this simple barrel makes it feel like new and it is an old style straight barrel.

    ■ Specifications
    Material: 90% Tungsten
    Weight: 18.0g
    Total length: 47.0mm
    Maximum diameter: 6.5mm
    Center of gravity: Center

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    Trinidad MARCO


    The return of the Marco.
    A standard 20g torpedo barrel that can be thrown with minimal effort.
    Nami Kihara’s renewed Marco was based on the TRiNiDAD X model Elliott. Approximately 70% of the barrel is comprised of orthodox ring cuts.
    Of the ring cuts, tapers were added between the grooves to increase the gripping ability of the barrel. In addition to the main ring cuts, the ring cuts near back are comprised of micro cuts that further assist in the clean release of the barrel as it is thrown.
    To allow throwing the barrel with minimal effort, the secret behind this lies behind the design outline of the barrel itself. At first glance, the barrel appears that there are only one taper near the gripping point. In fact, there are 3 levels of tapers that are included in the design to maximize the transfer of energy while exerting minimal power as the barrel is thrown.
    The maximum diameter of the barrel is 7.7mm. The width allows for an easy grip and the balance of the balance the barrel is considered semi-front. Near the front of the barrel, thick diagonal ring cuts has been applied to further assist smooth releasing of the barrel.
    Although it is rare to have a 20g barrel as a pro model for a female player, this barrel that can be thrown with minimal effort without feeling fatigued was one of the key factors that allowed Nami Kihara to be successful at full day tournaments.

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    Trinidad LEON 2


    A strong double ring cut that gives a firm grip even with a light grip. 
    A secret is hidden at the grip point.
    By putting a 0.5 mm higher cut in the grip point slightly in the center, you
    can feel it with your fingertips and always grip the same point.
    In addition, the diameter of the barrel end is made slightly thicker so that the grip does not move backward.

    Leon that brings the center of gravity forward without adjusting the depth of the screw holes to make the front diameter thicker.
    A shark cut is placed by extending the front of the barrel by 2 mm.
    In addition to being designed to have a center of gravity in the front, the
    total length is 44 mm, which increases the sense of stability for those who grip with 3 to 4 bars.
    By increasing the front by 2 mm, the extreme heavy front further moves to the center of gravity of the front.
    You can feel the powerful jump and stretch that cannot be imagined from the sharp form.

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    Trinidad GONZALEZ 3


    The Type 3 was born via a fusion of the Gonzalez Type 1 and Type 2.
    Dramatic improvement in gripping stability and control.
    On the main gripping area, to prevent any gripping deviation, dot cuts from the Type 1 were applied to this model. From the main gripping area towards the centre of the barrel, wing cuts that were used in the Type 2 were placed to assist the index finger in completing the grip.
    At the front, vertical cuts were added to the micro shark cuts to stabilize the grip near the front of the barrel.
    The largest update in the Type 3 lies in the taper near the gripping area. In this model, the taper has been shortened to allow for smooth transfer of energy as the barrel is thrown. By making the barrel heavier and longer, this increased control and the ability for the dart to travel straight towards the intended target.
    By combining the positives of the Type 1 and Type 2, we have evolved the Gonzalez series to create the new Type

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    Trinidad GOMEZ 10


    With steel tip in mind, this classical barrel was designed to the finest detail. The release of the Gomez Type10 20g Model.
    The 20g model was used by Yuki Yamada during warm up or when he felt his dart was dipping to make the correct adjustments.
    A classic mainstream straight barrel that utilizes the triple ring cut. As a barrel used for adjustment purposes by Yuki, this version is lighter than 2g at 20g compared to the regular Gomez type 10.
    Although triple ring cuts were applied, it is unlike any other triple ring cuts. The gap between the triple ring cuts varies ever so slightly. While the middle ring cut provides the most grip, the two ring cut in front and the back have a broader cut that assists in providing the perfect grip and smooth release.
    As Yuki Yamada, grips his barrel mostly by feel, these triple ring cuts were applied throughout the barrel.
    A 2g lighter Gomez Type 10. One can surely feel the difference when thrown.

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    Trinidad CARLOS


    Grip points that have been precisely calculated.

    Takemoto Yoshinobu Invented barrel. The most
    important feature is the precisely calculated grip cut .

    By designing a 0.3 mm step at the boundary between the wing cut and shark cut of
    the grip, it
    is designed so that you can check if there is any deviation in the grip position at the moment you grip .

    And, from the taper of the wing cut, the rear shark cut is made straight so
    that you can feel the step more.

    by adding 12 vertical cuts to the wing cuts and increasing the number of “Kado”, it is easy to handle,
    but it is easy to handle like a shallow cut barrel .

    The center of gravity is slightly behind the center. Weight 19g. The precisely calculated cut has a
    center of gravity and weight that allows you to feel firmly with your fingertips .

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    Trinidad ARGUELLO


    Miho Tanaka’s designed Barrel
    One of the best All-Round Barrel.
    ‘Arguello’ is designed by Professional Dart Player “Miho Tanaka”.
    Focus was placed on enhancing the feel and experience on the grip section.
    Featuring an alternating design using the combination of straight – taper –straight with a 14mm tapered end, creating the best grip balance while providing an exquisite feel.
    The grip part is created using wide and shallow double-ring cuts. Features an excellent throwing experience without putting excessive force due to the taper design.
    The vertical cuts prevents vertical and horizontal slippage and is also helped by the micro shark cuts.
    Weight distribution is slightly towards the front and with a weight of 18.5g provides an excellent throwing experience. Rear grip users can choose where to grip making it easy to pick up and throw. That’s why it is called “all round” barrel.

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    Trinidad ANTONIO


    TRiNiDAD player Hiroaki Uehara Invented model.
    With a weight of 18.5g, a length of 41.0mm, and a maximum diameter of 7.6mm, the barrel is characterized by a standard specification and shape, but with a cut in the grip position.

    The main cut in the grip position is a trapezoidal delta cut with a corner because the ring cut is too strong.
    By inserting a dot cut there, you can increase the fine corners, apply uniform force in all directions, and at the same time make a smooth release.

    Furthermore, since it has 3 lines and the width of the groove is wide, you can feel the cut easily with your gripped fingers.
    If the grip points are off even a little, you will notice that you have different points.
    The ring cuts before and after the main cut are important points that play an assisting role for stable release.

    By bringing the center of gravity to the back a little, you can shoot straightforwardly with respect to the swing of your arm, so you can feel that it is easy to get on the parabola trajectory you imagined.
    It is also recommended for those who want to grip the rear part of the barrel.

    ■ Specifications
    Weight: 18.5g
    Total length: 41.0mm
    Maximum diameter: 7.6mm
    Material: 90% Tungsten Center of
    gravity: Semi rear

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    Trinidad ADRIAN


    The grip position is decided and it can be pushed out firmly.
    A hybrid straight barrel with two grip points.

    A hybrid straight barrel with two grip points.
    The rear of the barrel is made up of a calculated fine taper, which fits the fingers well and is a cut that can be pushed out firmly.

    The other grip point is the center. By inserting a groove with a wide R, you can throw with the feeling of throwing a ball with the grip feeling that you have a small ball. A vertical cut has been made to make it easier to pull out.

    It is a highly entertaining barrel that shows various faces depending on which one is gripped or combined with the flight shaft.

    ■ Specifications
    Material: 90% Tungsten
    Weight: [2BA] 19.5g / [Steel] 21.3g (including points)
    Total length: 48.0mm
    Maximum diameter: 6.4mm
    Center of gravity: Center