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TRiNiDAD player Hiroaki Uehara Invented model.
With a weight of 18.5g, a length of 41.0mm, and a maximum diameter of 7.6mm, the barrel is characterized by a standard specification and shape, but with a cut in the grip position.

The main cut in the grip position is a trapezoidal delta cut with a corner because the ring cut is too strong.
By inserting a dot cut there, you can increase the fine corners, apply uniform force in all directions, and at the same time make a smooth release.

Furthermore, since it has 3 lines and the width of the groove is wide, you can feel the cut easily with your gripped fingers.
If the grip points are off even a little, you will notice that you have different points.
The ring cuts before and after the main cut are important points that play an assisting role for stable release.

By bringing the center of gravity to the back a little, you can shoot straightforwardly with respect to the swing of your arm, so you can feel that it is easy to get on the parabola trajectory you imagined.
It is also recommended for those who want to grip the rear part of the barrel.

■ Specifications
Weight: 18.5g
Total length: 41.0mm
Maximum diameter: 7.6mm
Material: 90% Tungsten Center of
gravity: Semi rear

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