Trinidad CARLOS


Grip points that have been precisely calculated.

Takemoto Yoshinobu Invented barrel. The most
important feature is the precisely calculated grip cut .

By designing a 0.3 mm step at the boundary between the wing cut and shark cut of
the grip, it
is designed so that you can check if there is any deviation in the grip position at the moment you grip .

And, from the taper of the wing cut, the rear shark cut is made straight so
that you can feel the step more.

by adding 12 vertical cuts to the wing cuts and increasing the number of “Kado”, it is easy to handle,
but it is easy to handle like a shallow cut barrel .

The center of gravity is slightly behind the center. Weight 19g. The precisely calculated cut has a
center of gravity and weight that allows you to feel firmly with your fingertips .

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