Trinidad LEON 2


A strong double ring cut that gives a firm grip even with a light grip. 
A secret is hidden at the grip point.
By putting a 0.5 mm higher cut in the grip point slightly in the center, you
can feel it with your fingertips and always grip the same point.
In addition, the diameter of the barrel end is made slightly thicker so that the grip does not move backward.

Leon that brings the center of gravity forward without adjusting the depth of the screw holes to make the front diameter thicker.
A shark cut is placed by extending the front of the barrel by 2 mm.
In addition to being designed to have a center of gravity in the front, the
total length is 44 mm, which increases the sense of stability for those who grip with 3 to 4 bars.
By increasing the front by 2 mm, the extreme heavy front further moves to the center of gravity of the front.
You can feel the powerful jump and stretch that cannot be imagined from the sharp form.

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