Miho Tanaka’s designed Barrel
One of the best All-Round Barrel.
‘Arguello’ is designed by Professional Dart Player “Miho Tanaka”.
Focus was placed on enhancing the feel and experience on the grip section.
Featuring an alternating design using the combination of straight – taper –straight with a 14mm tapered end, creating the best grip balance while providing an exquisite feel.
The grip part is created using wide and shallow double-ring cuts. Features an excellent throwing experience without putting excessive force due to the taper design.
The vertical cuts prevents vertical and horizontal slippage and is also helped by the micro shark cuts.
Weight distribution is slightly towards the front and with a weight of 18.5g provides an excellent throwing experience. Rear grip users can choose where to grip making it easy to pick up and throw. That’s why it is called “all round” barrel.

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