Trinidad ROMAN


Miyawaki Miyu Invented model Roman.
Standard torpedo that can transmit force to the darts at a point and push out with a light force.

Roman can fly comfortably by simply shaking his arm without using unnecessary power.
The secret is in cutting the grip.
A ring cut with a low height is placed in the center of the delta cut to make a large round cut,
and each round cut
plays a role of transmitting power to the darts by “dots” .
By transmitting power to the darts at points, pushability is dramatically improved,
and a sharp jump is realized by simply throwing lightly without putting unnecessary power .

For the front cut, a tapering ring cut has a mesh-like cut to give it a gritty feel and follow the assisting finger moderately.

The maximum diameter is 7.5 mm and the thickness is durable. It
is designed so that it can be lifted lightly to give a heavier weight of 19g and to give a stretch.

Precisely calculated cut arrangement to efficiently transmit power to darts.
The barrel is packed with TRiNiDAD’s commitment.

■ Specifications
Material: 90% Tungsten
Weight: 19.0g
Total length: 42.5mm
Maximum diameter: 7.5mm
Center of gravity: Semi rear

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