Trinidad PRO Python 2


An old-style semi-long straight consisting only of shark cuts.

The second American TRiNiDAD player James Hopkins model.
A simple semi-long straight consisting of only 3 types of shark cuts with different widths.

The rear grip part has a micro shark cut that is easy to remove and a shark cut with a standard width, and it has a good cut arrangement while firmly transmitting power to the darts.
In addition, by adding a step to the joint with the shaft, you can feel the grip position with the feeling of a finger.

With the widest shark cut in the front, it is a cut that firmly fixes the darts and stabilizes the grip even if the assisting finger touches lightly.

On the contrary, this simple barrel makes it feel like new and it is an old style straight barrel.

■ Specifications
Material: 90% Tungsten
Weight: 18.0g
Total length: 47.0mm
Maximum diameter: 6.5mm
Center of gravity: Center

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