Max Dia : 8.3mm
Length : 34.0mm
Weight (Barrel only) : 16.5g
The first barrel of, Iwate Takumi Ito, who won the JAPAN2016 STAGE10 has finally appeared.
The front part gripped by the athlete employs 36 diamond cuts based on a dodecagon.
The diamond cut with chamfered polygonal corners is designed to have a firm presence while gripping, but also to provide a mild grip. Trapezoidal cut with trapezoidal groove is adopted for the main cut.
By taking a large amount of ground surface when gripping, it is a functional cut that is easily durable and has high durability while giving a firm grip feeling.
Finished in a thick short torpedo, this model can be thrown like a ball.
By shortening the overall length to 34mm and widening the grip point, the barrel is easy to shift even for players using barrels around 40mm.

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