Trinidad X FOREMAN


biggest feature is that it is a super-heavy barrel of 22.5g.
And it is “shape” and “cut” to operate this 22.5g.

First of all, the grip part. A taper is applied slightly behind the center of gravity
of the center, and because the taper can push out a center of gravity of 22.5g, it is easy to transmit the force and makes a great flight.
And the three-dimensional block-shaped cut with 20 vertical cuts in the ring cut
serves as a non-slip material that can be easily released and plays an exquisite auxiliary role when pushing out with a taper.

Check if the grip in the center depression is not misaligned with the pad of your index finger.
A shape that allows a third finger to fit into the thin recess at the tip for a stable grip.

It’s a heavy tank, as if you’re pushing it in with its weight.
It is finished in a barrel that will fly with a light throw.

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