THE MIRACLE 21G 95% 2BA SOFT TIP #210015


The Miracle Darts is designed for the reigning Ladies World Champion, Mikuru Suzuki. Mikuru Suzuki, the 1st ever World Champion from Asia and Japan for the Women’s BDO Lakeside 2019 event, a record holder of 18 consecutive stage wins in the Dartslive Japan Professional league – pending Guinness World Record, a tremendous character on and off the stage, a loving mother and wife. Mikuru Suzuki is very special. She has single handedly changed the sport of darts for Asia. Asian darts is now on the map on the world stage because of her commitment to win and improve upon herself, and continuing to do at every step.

The Miracle darts is the follow up to her 1st generation, Jadeite darts, which is one of the best seller worldwide. The Miracle Soft tip dart is made from 95% pure tungsten, and coated in a durable black titanium coating and finished off with the favorite metallic green accent. The barrel weight is 21g, slightly heavier than her previous dart. Available in the 2BA soft tip.

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