Sonic Type A


Harrows Sonic
A complex combination of precise milling, tough blue titanium nitride coating and unique re-machaning results ina stunning barrel with innovative, modular protrusions for a powerful grip. There are 2 barrel designs, parallel and tapered, in both steel and soft tip ranges, each offering grip sequences of varying intensities. Sonic darts are match weighted to +/- 0.5 grams and fitted with clear Supergrip shafts and new Sonic flights.
Style A: Parallel Grip
90% Tungsten
1 Set of 3 Barrels
1 Set of 3 Harrows Supergrip Shafts
1 Set of 3 Harrows Sonic Flights
Slimtrack Case
2ba Soft Tips
Barrel Length: 42.0mm
Max Barrel Diameter: 6.9mm

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