Samurai Yuki 雪


New series “Z-CLASS” from Samurai.
13 years since the birth of Samurai, two new models have emerged from the Samurai series, a new type of barrel that has cross-matched with cultivated technology with the latest design.
“YUKI Yuki” adopts the helical cut used in Samurai 13.
The spiral cut design supports various grips.
The same pressure is applied to the grip and the power vector is directed toward the target.
The shorter overall length and thicker grip create functionality and a parabolic beauty that inherits Samurai’s genealogy.
Both barrels have a bright blue groove coating that makes Samurai more beautiful.
Max Dia : 7.2mm
Length : 39.0mm
Weight(Barrel Only): 17.0g
Material : 90% Tungsten

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