RISING SUN 4.0 95% 2BA 19G SOFT TIP #100752


The Rising Sun 4.0 is dedicated to Haruki and is designed around Haruki’s style of throw and grip. The entire series which consists of 2BA and No 5 darts are made from 95% pure tungsten.

The Rising Sun 4.0 is coated with a first ever Blue DLC coating which has a Hv (hard Vickers) of over 5,000 points – which is more than double the strength of the regular black titanium coating. This new Blue DLC has never been used before in a set of darts, and it is through our commitment to always develop new products and ideas, that we made this new, durable coating available for the Rising Sun 4.0.

Tungsten 95%
2BA / No 5

LENGTH: 42.5mm
MAX DIA: 7.8 mm

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