Katana Gold MURAMASA


Weight: 21.0g
Length: 55.0mm
Max Dia: 6.2mm

It is super long at high weight! It is right a celebrated sword dart

Dart brand, the popular line of the dynasty (DYNASTY), KATANA (sword) series. It is the high-end series that was particular about quality in that, a dart barrel (metal moiety) of the “celebrated sword” series. This is high weight & long shape dart in the model that refined the village plus (MURAMASA) of the popular model.

Coming is a design giving off brilliance, and matchless specifications and person are the Heiss peck darts that feelings only by the sword series to think about high quality and utility, a feeling of possession carefully are felt.

A flight, a shaft, the tip are attached and become the set contents which assemble it, and are just usable.

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