Ice Tundra


Harrows BLACK ICE 18g 2ba Soft Tip 90% Tungsten Darts – Tundra
The Harrows Black ICE Soft Tip Darts feature Black Titanium Nitride that has been applied to the barrels using a Vapor Deposition Process (V.D.P), which impregnates the tungsten with a tough non slip coating. Each barrel features a unique laser engraving of both I.C.E. and Harrows. The Black ICE Dart is 90% pure tungsten and is fused with iron, nickel and zinc. It is then cold extruded and reverse cut to create a uniform barrel of unrivaled concentrically and balance.
This Harrows dart set of 3 features:
Barrel: Titanium Nitride Coated 90% Tungsten.
Shaft: 1 Set of 3.
Flight: 1 Set of 3.
Tip: 2BA Soft.
Weight: 18 Grams.

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