Ice Glacier


This Harrows Dart Set combines both new research properties in Tungsten and state of the art manufacturing processes, the I.C.E. soft tip darts by Harrows has become the worl’d’s most advanced darts. The purest 90% Tungsten powder is fused with nickel, iron and zinc using an Isostatic Cold Extrusion process (I.C.E.), to create a dart of unmatched concentricity and high density. Each laser marked barrel features reverse cut grooves, for extra thrust and ultimate control.
Harrows White Ice Glacier:
90% Tungsten Barrel
1 Set of 3 Barrels
1 Set of 3 Harrows White Ice Flights
1 Set of 3 Harrows Supergrip Shafts
Slimtrack Case
2ba Soft Tips
Barrel Length: 38.0mm
Max Barrel Width: 7.5mm

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