Harrows FIRE 18g 2ba Soft Tip 90% Tungsten Darts – Style A
The Harrows Soft Tip Dart Fire is made from 90% Tungsten with a unique production process that uses the highest grade of super fine tungsten powder, blended with nickel, iron and zinc, then compressed and sintered at 3150 Degree Celsius resulting in a precision machined radical barrel profile. Each barrel is subjected to a double exposure vapor deposition process, which creates an ultra durable, non slip coating.
The Harrows Steel Tip Dart Fire also features:
Barrel: 2 Tone 90% Tungsten
Shaft: 1 Set of 3
Flight: 1 Set of 3
Tip: 2BA Soft
Weight: 18 Grams
Includes: Free Travel Plastic Hard Case
Made in England
Expert Pro Rating
Very high quality typical of all Harrows manufactured products.

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