To Achieve Cobalt’s elegance, the finest 90% Tungsten goes through a 6-stage process.
The front of the dart is turned using our new Japanese CNC machinery.
It is then treated with a tough, Blue Titanium nitride coating and re-machined to leave a stunning, dual-function grip.
The back then undergoes the same process with the final cut Producing forward and reward grip protrusions.
The finished darts are match weighed to +/- 0.05gm and teamed with Supergrip Fusion shafts and retina flights
90% Tungsten
2ba shafts
2ba Soft tip points
Barrel only weight – 16.5gm
Fully dressed weight (approximately) – 18.5gm
Barrel length – 42.86mm – 43mm
Barrel diameter – 7.14mm – 7mm

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