Chameleon Jade


Barrel Length: 50.00mm
Max Diameter: 5.90mm
Barrel Weight: 18.00g.
CHAMELEON – This range is made from the best VHD Tungsten and the precision of turning is identical to all the top tournament darts that ONE80 manufactures. The elegant coloring is not painted but eloxidised which does not simply rub off. The surface is metallic and the feel is the same as for the non eloxidised barrels.
JADE – Jade A dart for long slender fingers. Its wide shallow rings allow a grip on the dart or any position along its length and make a clean release very simple. When thrown straight the dart cannot easily be deflected and this enables close grouping in the board.
One80 Darts comes equipped with 2ba Tips, One80 Chameleon Graphic Flights and Proplast Shafts.
90% Tungsten

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