Boris Krcma 36 HELICAL


Max Dia: 6.8mm
Length: 42.0mm
Weight (Barrel only): 17.5g
HELICAL × Boris Krcmar

TIGA Tungsten 90% series “Boris Krcmar 36” has been renewed and released.
A short straight barrel that uses the popular HELICAL cut and is easier to handle.

This model has been renewed for Japanese people, and the remarkable grip is a stable grip.
The combination of a moderate maximum diameter and HELICAL cut gives you a great sense of security during setup.
It has a reasonable weight and is not too long and fits in a size that is easy to handle, making it a good starting point for a straight type, and a model I would recommend to female players.

“Boris Krcmar 36 HELICAL” that adopts a simple and delicate design and POP coloring to drastically change the image of the Boris series so far.

This is what a safe barrel is.

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