Aflow Senju Extreme


Material: 90% tungsten
Unit weight: 19.0g
Overall length: 48.0mm
Maximum dia: 7.0mm
Type: 2 BA

This is the second model of A-FLOW Filipino player Prussian Arceno player who has won the THE WORLD stage.

Set a main grip area in 2areas.
Slightly give curve processing and locate a delicate double ring cut to the line to select a grip as nature to the tail of the first area.
Locate a spiral cut and shark cut in the second grip area located after an are wing cut.
An are wing cut located to the main grip area works functionally, and I throw it with a feeling of distinguished grip even if I grip either area, and a feeling is got.

Always finished in a delicate design with the boldness only by Prussian player doing exact throw.

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