Aflow Johny K


A FLOW “Johnny K” John Kuczynski MODEL

Material : Tungsten 95%
Length (barrel only) : 44.5mm
Maximum Diameter : 7.2mm
Weight : 16.5g (Barrel only) Package Content
Shaft : LARO SILENT 260
Flight : Dee.flight w/ A-FLOW Logo
John Kuczynski’s Signature Barrel employs a “wing cut” ring in the rear,
which utilizes the power of the arm swing to generate force.
The rear pocket is designed to securely transmit the force from the arm to the dart.
This allows you to aim for the target in a straight line.
Upon extending your arm, the dart jumps directly towards the target.
Through his innovative design, Johnny K was able to accomplish his goal of creating a barrel that performs exactly as expected.
Front loaded

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